It describes a real case of interrreligious mediation, which is the transformation of social conflicts somehow related with religion.

A new case study on interrreligious mediation has been published: “Muslim community needs more space to pray”. These are real cases of prevention, mediation and transformation of conflicts somehow (not just negatively) related with Religion and its inherent diversity. Most of the situations of real or potential conflict which have been published here involve:

  • Different religious communities
  • Religious communities or people and public actors and authorities
  • Religious actors and actors from the non-religious civil society (the neighbours of a place of worship, schools, etc.).

In the cases described, in order to not interfere in the mediation processes (when these are still "open" or because we can never consider it to be "closed"), part of the information identifying the organisations and people involved is “disguised”, but only when this is possible without affecting its understandability and interest. The exclusive aim of this compilation and the essential objective of this website is in general to be a learning tool to improve theoretical knowledge and practical abilities of all the different kind of actors involved in mediation processes of conflicts related to religion.

The International Network is a platform to exchange –in person or online- good practices, theoretical materials and joint reflections on “Interreligious Mediation”. This concept refers to the scope of the prevention, mediation and transformation of conflicts where religion is somehow (not just negatively) involved. It is essentially open to the participation of people who are specialists or interested in and connected to civil organisations (religious, interreligious or non religious) and from public organisations (like administrations, institutions and local, regional, national or international services and authorities). The decision to establish the Network was the result of an international congress celebrated in Barcelona in December 2006 under the auspices of the UNESCO Sector for Social and Human Sciences and Culture.